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A travel guide on what I wore, places I went, and things I ate in Mexico City.

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If you know me at all, you know how I pretty much live off margaritas and Mexican food. So naturally Mexico is one of my favorite places EVER. My friends and I love it so much, we made our Mexico City trip an annual thing, with this year being the second (so a fairly new tradition lol).

What I love about this city is the architecture, incredibly cheap amazing food, and how dog friendly people are. Below is a list of some of my favorite restaurants, activities, and fondest memories.

Eat + Drink 

Brunch Spot: El Pujio

 Delicious and so cheap. Four of us got about 5 dishes and a drink each and it was $15 per person. The fried plantains were my fav, obviously.


Hotel Condesa Rooftop

The architecture of this hotel is stunning, not to mention their margaritas are probably the best I’ve ever had (hence why they’re empty in the photo). The food is a combination of Sushi mixed with Mexican, sounds weird but is actually a great combo.


Qué Sería De Mí

The wait for this place is over an hour on weekends, and there were many moments my girlfriends and I contemplated just leaving and eating somewhere else. But we decided to wait and it was sooo worth it. They make homemade jams to go with the bread and the pancakes were so damn fluffy the syrup kept disappearing to the point where we finished the entire bottle. WORTH IT.

que seria .jpg

Other Favorites: 

Casa Virginia – An old colonial style house renovated into a restaurant that still holds many of the same architecture and is sooo cute! Food is delicious and great atmosphere for dinner.

Rosetta– Yummy Italian in the neighborhood of Roma that is another 1900s house remodeled into a restaurant with gorgeous tall ceilings and cozy corners. All the pasta is homemade and seafood so fresh.

Shop + Visit 

El Museo Jumex – Contemporary Art Museum in Polanco next to the shopping center

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Museo Frida Kahlo- historic house and art museum dedicated to the life and work of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. I didn’t make it here which I’m really bummed about but my friend’s said its definitely worth checking out.

Casa Baragan – Book in advance! I tried to get tickets for the weekend I was there and they were fully booked so my friends who stayed longer on this trip went and one of them said “Literally you walk into architectural perfection, with intense attention to detail, Baragan was the father of modern Mexican architecture. A private and intimate look into his home will leave you in wonder and inspiration!” -Kyla Rae. Definitely on my list for next time.

 Boat Day- Las Islas De Munecas


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This is  my favorite day of the trip. It’s about an hour car ride from Mexico City and you basically ride a boat around the island while different vendors serve you beers, food, and souvenirs. Simple and tons of fun.

The history behind this island holds a sad past, but I appreciate how the locals shed light on the story and people can still enjoy their time there.

Overall Mexico City is one of my favorite travel destinations and I highly recommend anyone and everyone to visit.

Hasta la Vista Mexico! 


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