Road Trip to Big Sur

A west coast weekend getaway

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A few weeks ago my girlfriends and I decided to go on a road trip to Big Sur. I always rediscover how magical my home state of California is when I go on these types of trips.  This drive in particular was one of my favorites because of the different road side views. We would go from beautiful wildflowers, to dry farmlands that were literally out of a scene in Grapes of Wrath, to extremely windy mountain roads where the nausea and fear of heights kick in,  back to the most breathtaking cliffs on the West Coast.  By hour five of the drive,  i’m sure my friends wanted to kill me for the amount of times I had them pullover for photos.

Going at the end of May, we hit perfect weather and so my weekend packing list consisted of lots of summer dresses, shorts, and athleisure wear.

The first place we stopped was the local book fair, where they had an amazing collection of books all for $1 -$2.


I purchased Erotica.


Places to Eat: 

Sierra Mar

This was one of the first trips I didn’t really take food pics. Big Sur isn’t really known for their food lol. Everything is ridiculously overpriced and sub par. People go to be secluded and have time to themselves in nature not for the food so I totally get it. My tip would be to pack PB&J’s unless you want to spend $18 on a banana and piece of toast.

Things to See

If you have the time, check out Pfeiffer State Beach. Gorgeous cliffs.



Henry Miller Library 

A small wooden library that serves as a bookstore, art center and performance venue honoring the great Big Sur Resident Henry Miller. The library is tucked into the woods and is a perfect reflection of the solitude and self reflection Miller sought after to write.

Nature Hikes

There are so many different views and hiking trails in Big Sur covered in gorgeous redwood trees and river passings. Definitely worth exploring.




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