Traveling the Greek Islands- everything you should know from gyros to Greek mythology.

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Greece has been on my bucket list of destinations ever since I was in high school. From gyros to learning Greek mythology I always wanted to check out the ancient country. Sadly I only had a week in Greece, so below is everything I did and things you should know for your future travel plans.

Things to check before heading to Greece: 

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  1. Your passport!! To enter Greece, your passport needs 3 months before expiration. Unfortunately mine was expiring in 2 months so I wasn’t allowed into the country and had to rush apply for an emergency passport that I was given same day.

2. Ferry versus airport schedule. The best site I found to do this is .Getting from one island to the next can be tough for first timers, this site breaks down travel time and costs so you get the most bang for your buck.


Perched with turquoise waters within the Aegean sea, Mykonos is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever visited. The architecture of this city was my favorite. Perfectly whitewashed walls with wooden balconies and cobblestone streets make this city so unique and highly sought after as a travel destination.

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Where We Stayed: 

Princess Hotel Mykonos – A 5 star boutique hotel with great staff and great complimentary breakfast. Get the Shakshuka!

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Places to see:

Kastros Mykonos: Gorgeous restaurant tucked behind a few churches in the town of Mykonos. The view and food are worth it!

Scorpios Mykonos: Beautiful sunset bar overlooking the ocean.

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My only reservation with visiting Mykonos is don’t go in high season. The city is swarmed with tourists and extremely packed and overpriced. I paid 40 euro for a glass of wine at one dinner.

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Home to Zeus and the biggest island of Greece, Crete was my favorite because it felt the most authentic. The food is incredible, the people are so kind, and the landscape is amazing. You’re surrounded by gorgeous mountains and turquoise waters.

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Places to Eat: All these places are right on the water and so delicious!

Taverna Giorgios

Ostria Taverna

Marias Tavern

Taverna Spinalonga


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Located near the peninsula of Spinalonga, the island was subsequently used as a leprosy colony from 1903-1957. It’s hard to imagine the tragic past as the island is strikingly beautiful now.

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Until next time Greece!

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