10 Things To Invest In For The New Year

10 things you absolutely can’t live without.

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As the holiday season comes to an end it is time for new aspirations, new trends, and a little personal TLC (partially to recover from the holiday madness!). I love a new fashion item as much as the next, but from working in the business I have learned just how quickly trends can come and go. Over time I have discovered my go-to core wardrobe pieces and these are the items I plan on keeping in my closet for years to come.


Buying an investment piece can seem intimidating, but if you consider the cost-per-wear, a quality fabric, and that day making compliment, it’s definitely worth it. Luckily, after Christmas sales can make hitting the “checkout” button a little easier and as retailers start to gear up for spring, this is the best time to grab that classic camel coat or leather jacket! I have rounded up my top 10 pieces that you should definitely invest.


1. A designer purse. Invest in things you see your future prosperity to have. Don’t go crazy, but a nice purse lasts for many many years.

2. A leather jacket. Every badass needs a leather jacket.

3. Silk pillows. As I’m getting older wrinkles are a real concern, investing in beauty sleep is an essential.

4. Sulfate free shampoo. Taking care of your hair is everything, it takes two seconds to switch shampoos and have much healthier hair.

5. Sunscreen. Once again the wrinkle thing is a real concern.

6. Vans. I wear vans about 6 out of 7 days of the week. They’re essential to all my wardrobe looks.

7. A nice wallet. If you’re going to make money, you got to have somewhere nice to store it. Right?!

8. Good denim jeans. They get better with every wear.

9. A bodysuit. Sleek, minimal and sexy.

10. Lingerie. Its fun being a female and having so many options of dressing up. What you wear underneath, is just as important.










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