The Worst Valentine’s Day Stories of all time.

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I’m all about celebrating a day of love for someone else, whether that be a friend or a significant other. But I believe every day should be about showing the ones you love care and affection not some cheesy holiday filled with tacky red dresses and heart shaped chocolate boxes. With that said, this year I decided to interview my eclectic group of girlfriends and ask them about their worst V-day stories of all time and this is what I rounded up.

Friend 1: ” I went on a romantic dinner date with a guy I was newly dating and he took ecstasy before dinner. He was sweating profusely and blacked out while the waiter was taking our order. I left him there mortified”

Friend 2: “My boyfriend at the time was picking me up from the airport but I chipped my front tooth the night before and he forced me to go out in public like this. We couldn’t get seated anywhere because he didn’t make a reservation and then on our way back home we passed a DUI checkpoint and his license was expired so his parents had to come get us.” 

Friend 3: “I had a scheduled Vday date with someone but was hanging with someone else at the pool all day. My scheduled vday date showed up early with flowers, dressed up and caught me getting out of the car completely wet with the new guy and threw the flowers at me and left.”

And myself: I was 21 at the time and loosely dating a promoter. I went to the club on Vday and he ditched me for a playmate who was wearing glitter louboutin’s and shorts so short you can see her ass fully out with a hot pink thong. I was disgusted. I still hear from this dude on the reg. 


Let’s face it, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to turn into a traumatic event. Here’s some tips to avoid a cringe-worthy Holiday.

  1. Make reservations. No one likes to wait and especially not on a packed holiday where everyone goes to dinner.
  2. Don’t black out at dinner. Its not a cute look.
  3. Don’t over-post your Valentines day on social media. It’s a little obnoxious to continually show every detail of your love life. Keep some things private.
  4. Being low key is always good. You don’t need to have a big production to show you’re in love.
  5. Don’t put yourself down. Being single is a choice and privilege to do whatever you want on your own schedule. Own it.


Ditch the red and pink for Lavender this February:


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