New Orleans with Dolce Vita

New Orleans with Dolce Vita. My first influencer trip as a fashion blogger.

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I had the pleasure of being invited on my first influencer trip with Dolce Vita and Tiny Atlas Quarterly to New Orleans, Louisiana and it was absolutely incredible. Everything from the brand, to the girls on the trip, to the location, and of course the food was planned perfectly. We had full itineraries everyday and below were my daily highlights.



Private Dinner catered by Saba at the cutest Airbnb hosted by Ana followed by roaming the streets to listen for the best jazz music.



Cafe Du Monde- World famous beignets. They were too die for. Forever craving that sugary powder.


Walking tour – French Colonial charms



Followed by lunch at a really cute what seemed to be a haunted mansion.

Swamp Tour – Unexpectedly fun and highly encourage everyone who visits New Orleans to try this. There are so many gorgeous crocodiles and you’re on a fan boat going really fast. Its a good time.


Jazz Night



New Orleans School of Cooking – my favorite activity of the trip


Haunted tour and tarot card reading- we went right before Halloween so we heard some great ghost stories.


Dinner at Compere Lepin


Brunch at the Commanders Palace


Being on this trip made me really appreciate how hard I’ve worked in this influencer industry. It’s so competitive and you constantly feel like you can always be doing more. So to be invited on an exclusive trip with an amazing brand was a definitely a nice milestone to hit.

Thank you Dolce Vita and Tiny Atlas Quarterly!





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