Pasta la Vista! The BEST Italian Spots in L.A.


It’s date night. It’s girls night. It’s Wednesday night. IT’S THREE TIMES A WEEK FIND ME AT A JON & VINNY’S NIGHT. Look, it’s no secret that I LOVE pasta (my friends can contest to that) and will find any excuse to indulge in these saucy carbs. Even Eataly L.A. slid into my dm’s to invite me to try their new Spring menus. I guess you can say I’m officially a pasta connoisseur, so below are my top Italian restaurants of all time.


1. Jon and Vinnys

Everything here is basically good. Its a trendy small restaurant that gives you east coast feels. Reservations are hard to get so plan in advance!


What to order: Spicy Fusilli and LA Women Pizza

2. Cecconis

If you’re a Soho member, you get to enjoy the perks of 50% off Monday’s. If you’re not, you still get to enjoy really good Italian. The crowd is an interesting mix of Hollywood club girls, old men at the bar, some cute Jewish families, and your regulars (me in this category).

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What to order: They have a vegan menu (not into the fake cheese) and their pesto pasta is amazing! 

3. Jones

Go here for their late night special. The bar is popping and its an OG mob place with a back tunnel entrance. Pretty cool.


What to order: Their complimentary bread is like a thick naan bread and delicious. Also love the Spaghetti and meatballs.

4. Terroni

Although I’m not very into chains, this restaurant still makes the list. Both the downtown la location and West Hollywood are pretty solid. Downtown LA has happy hour but terrible service and West hollywood has decent service but no happy hour. Pick your poison.


What to order: Pasta al Limone 

5. Lil Doms

An east side must. It’s low key and hits the spot.


What to order: I can’t remember what I ordered to be completely honest. 

6. Eataly – Terra

The rooftop restaurant is my favorite out of the three and has probably the best mall atmosphere I’ve ever been to. And as a born and raised Valley girl with nothing but malls, thats a huge compliment.

What to order: Pesto Pasta



7. Madeos

They just moved locations to tourist central in Beverly hills, but the owners haven’t changed. Its definitely a much older crowd and young girls looking for their sugar daddy. But hey, the pasta is good and makes for good people watching.


What to order: 

8. Osteria Mozza

Oh you fancy huh? Yea then go here for some good wine and dining. Order a cheese plate as a starter.


What to order: Cacio y Pepe 

9. The Ivy

If you’re like me and crave pasta even for Brunch, then go here. They give you complimentary champagne while you wait to be seated.


What to order: Lobster Ravioli

10. Angelini Osteria

I absolutely love this small hidden gem of a restaurant on Melrose. Its a classic that I’ve been going to with my family since high school.


What to Order: Linguine Sea Urchin

10. Dan Tanas

The food is solidly ok, but the vibe is great and the waiters really hook it up if you go with your girlfriends lol.


What to order: Spaghetti and Meatballs and Chicken Parmesan

BONUS RESTAURANT– Lil Frankies (it’s in NYC, I cheated, but this is actually my fav of all time)

What to order: Pasta limone, Margherita Pizza, Calamari. Everything. But definitely Pasta Limone


If you like this blogpost, comment and let me know your thoughts. Pasta La Vista Baby!


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  1. You are so amazing girlfriend! I love & look forward seeing all your posts & blogs❤️

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