I used Mood CBD products and this is what I learned.


So What is Mood? 

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It’s a new wellness collection available exclusively at American Eagle and is known for its soothing and relaxing effects. They have a wide range of products that are now apart of my daily self care routine and I’ll walk you through my favorites and why.

My Mood Products: 

The benefits of CBD – short for cannabidiol, is a non psycho-active cannabanoid derived from hemp and isolated for its beneficial wellness properties. It is NOT meant to make you get high or feel stoned, but rather to feel relaxed. I learned to incorporate these products into my daily routine to be more at ease throughout the day.

With working a full time job as marketing director for NSF Clothing, while also blogging full time, my days are really long and I cherish the few moments I have to myself. It’s so important to take care of your body and mental health and the right products, will definitely put you in the right MOOD.


My most used MOOD product would definitely be the chapstick. I have very dry skin and use lip balm every couple hours. I really like the chill and soothing texture of this one.

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I also really LOVE the aromatherapy oil, I carry it with me everywhere in my purse and just dab a little on my pulse points. It smells amazing and is refreshing while bringing my focus back.


With darker skin, I lather in lotion. This one is very moisturizing and works with my sensitive skin.


The sugar scrub works wonders. Its exfoliating and helps improve my sleeping.


Overall I would recommend anyone to try these products, each one serves a different purpose and they all together work to improve your daily beauty regimen and promote a healthier lifestyle.

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