Fashion Inspired by my Favorite Movies.

Top 5 most iconic ladies in films based on fashion.

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We all draw our  fashion inspiration from something . For me, its movies. Especially during lockdown, we’ve got nothing but time to catch up on all the things we don’t usually have time for.


I love how movies can transport you into a different world through visuals. How a dress drapes on camera, how a certain character’s emotions can define their style, and how the setting defines the time period. These are all things I take into account when I try to reinvent the wardrobe of some of my favorite characters on the big screen.

meeka - ny-8

Below is a list of my top 5 most iconic ladies in films. Every one of these women have made my list because their wardrobe is timeless and I feel that my style is an embodiment of all these ladies combined. In the words of Yves Saint Laurent- “Fashion fades, but style is eternal”.

Pretty Woman – Julia Roberts can do no wrong in my eyes. Even when she is a hooker being picked up off Hollywood Blvd by a man who could easily have turned out to be a murderer. Point is, her transformation into a Classy LA Elitist, is nothing but fabulous. I am here for every outfit in this movie, but below are my top 2 favorites.



Casino- Sheryn Stone. This sounds a little crazy, but when I was younger I really wanted to be a mob wife. My fascination for mob culture started , I kid you not, when I was in 3rd grade and watched Casino for the first time. Since my parents were foreign, I had no tv restrictions. I came out ok… 


My fascination for Stone’s character Ginger was the epitome of 70s excess glam; the fur, the jewels, the iconic dresses and amazing updo’s had me mesmerized. 


Almost Famous -Kate Hudson. At one point in every girl’s life, they have a groupie moment. That moment where you fantasize about being with the rockstar of your dreams and live a badass life beside them. Penny Lane showed us this was actually possible and she did it in the most fab wardrobe. Hell, I still dress like Penny Lane sometimes , groupie or no groupie!



Basic instinct – There is no secret that Sharon Stone made my list twice. She is the definition of Femme Fatale not only through her role, but through her iconic and effortlessly chic wardrobe. Her clothing and character are both seductive yet fiercely powerful.


Clueless- The Valley girl in me has always looked up to Cher. Her walk through closet filled with designer clothing is any fashion girl’s dream. What I particularly admired about the movie, was her friendship with Dion and how that reflected in their wardrobe. These two were the epitome of a fashion duo with their matching plaid, silk slips, and mini skirts. Anytime I wear a matching set, I am still reminded of Clueless.



Clothes are an extension of my personality and I dress depending on my mood. These 5 style icons have all influenced my daily wardrobe. So thank you queens.



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