Staycation at the Santa Monica Proper Hotel

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Staycation is the new vacation.

While we navigate what the “new normal” is in our daily lives during a pandemic, the rise of staycation culture gives us a taste of our beloved vacation travels of the past. After 3 months of intense lockdown, and being a law abiding Los Angeles citizen of quarantine, I was itching to get the fuck out of my house.


My 3 day staycation at the Santa Monica Proper Hotel gave me the perfect glimpse of what my “new normal” for time-off would be. Of course I was hesitant to venture out into the real world of people and more germs, but I was dying to utilize my wardrobe past my couch.

So without further ado, let me breakdown what staycation during COVID19 was like at a five star boutique hotel.

    1. Safe. I felt extremely safe throughout my entire stay. The hotel staff wears masks at all times while remaining 6 feet distance. They also clean all common areas every couple hours and have sanitizer all throughout the hotel.
    2. Accommodating. They want to make sure you are as comfortable as possible so if that means that the Bell Hop leaves your bags outside of your room for less contact, they will gladly do that.  The staff was also super friendly in checking in on us daily, making sure we had everything we need down to if we liked the music they chose for the lobby.
    3. Closed to Public. I actually did my staycation a couple days before they publicly opened, so I had the entire hotel to myself pretty much haha. Only saw about 3 other groups of guests everyday, it was amazing and felt so safe!
    4. Regulating Hotel Precautions . Along with being accommodating and adhering to public health concerns, they were also very conscious of food, alcohol and pool time. All food was brought in to-go boxes with silverware packaged for less contact, all alcohol was served with your own kits for less contac(i.e we ordered a margarita kit and made our own margaritas) , and the pool was closed to limit communal touching.

The Stay 

The Santa Monica Proper Hotel is the perfect hotel for an Angeleno to have a staycation. Its blocks away from the beach, walkable restaurants and visually the most stunning thing you’ll ever see. Kelly Wearstler is the interior design genius behind this gorgeous hotel  and someone who I’ve always looked up to for aesthetic and design. It was an honor staying here and seeing some of her most beautiful wok in person.


What to pack for a staycation

When preparing for a 3 day beachside getaway , I like to pack laid back California staples. Cute day dresses, yoga pants and sweatshirt to grab morning coffee, multiple bikinis for rooftop pool, linen pants for walking and exploring and a fancier summer dress for a nice dinner.

Shop my staycation looks:


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There were many things that made this Staycation so memorable, aside from the beautiful hotel and friendly staff, it was really nice playing tourist in my own city. I rode bikes for the first time in Santa Monica, tried new west side restaurants I had never been to, and watched beach sunsets every night.

Thank you Santa Monica Proper for giving me the relaxation I needed during these uncertain times.



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