Road Trip Part 2: Dillon Beach

Everything you should know about Dillon Beach California.

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Dillon Beach is a town you’ve probably never heard of. I hadn’t either to be honest, but maybe now you will put it on your radar. It’s a small farm/beach town up north about an hour from San Francisco and has a lot of modern residential beach properties. We had the pleasure of staying at Sky House Dillon Beach, a newly built, high-tech seaside villa. The house was truly one of the main attractions as it came equipped with a movie room, an indoor and outdoor living room, a sauna , game room, and hot tub that overlooks the ocean. Everything in the house is backed by Tesla power walls and almost everything is computerized, even the showers! Makes sense it’s a smart house as its close proximity to Silicon Valley makes it a great weekend getaway for techies. If you’re thinking of doing a trip, below is everything you should know about Dillon Beach!


The best part of Sky house is you really never have to leave it, it has everything. It’s the ideal home for groups as it comes with a movie room, 4 bedrooms, bbq, ping pong table, sonos sound system, hot tub, sauna, and is only steps away from the beach!

About the Town:

Another reason many people probably haven’t heard of Dillon Beach is because its extremely small with a population of about 300 and has no downtown and only a couple of shops. The town’s nearest grocery store is about a 30 minute drive and so if you plan on making a trip, be sure to buy supplies ahead of time! We made the mistake of driving into town at night and it was extremely foggy and hard to see the roads even 5 feet in front of you and nothing was open at 8pm. THANK GOD we bought tequila beforehand.

Things to see

The beach and hiking are the main attractions to see in Dillon Beach. That’s why it was sooo nice staying in a house equipped with different activities for us to do. It’s a nice getaway if you are looking for some peace and quiet.

Where to Eat:

Dillon Beach isn’t a town really known for its cuisine, their was only three restaurants in town and two of them were closed while we were there. Most of their dining is open Thursday-Sunday as thats when there is more traffic in town. Below is a list of the places in town we got from the airbnb host and the one place we tried haha.

Overall the house really made this experience fun and memorable and if you live in NorCal it makes for the perfect getaway! If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out via comments.

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