5 Staycation Airbnb’s for Angelenos

My Top 5 Airbnb destinations for Angenelos to recluse to for creativity, working remotely, and to simply enjoy!

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As it becomes more difficult to travel internationally this year, it does not mean vacations are cancelled! Enter Staycations: time spent exploring local destinations and attractions. This year as many of us are working remotely in the middle of a global pandemic, I made a point to take advantage of my freed up weekdays and do monthly staycations. I have been on some amazing trips this year and so below I rounded up my Top 5 Airbnb destinations for Angenelos to recluse to for creativity, working remotely, and to simply enjoy!

  1. Malibu Airsteam – I have stayed at this airstream before and its honestly one of the dreamiest panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean I’ve ever seen! Every corner is curated to perfection and its so secluded and luxurious. Perfect for a romantic getaway, highly suggest this destination.

2. Villa Kuro– On my list of places I want to visit. This house is a minimal, modern hideaway in Joshua Tree secluded from civilization and outside noise. Inspired by Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi (finding beauty in imperfection), many elements of the home utilized hand-built techniques and the use of natural and reclaimed materials to bring out the subtleties in texture and light.

3. Mid-Century Idyllwild Cabin. The perfect winter destination located only about 2 hours from Los Angeles on the way to Palm Springs. Having been to Idyllwild a couple times, this place is perfect to unplug from busy city life.

4. Topanga Treehouse. Growing up in the valley near Topanga, I’m pretty familiar with the hippie chic culture and would highly recommend staying here! I mean how often do you get to stay in a treehouse ? Definitely worth trying out once.

5. Ocotillo Suite in Tuscan Arizona. Heading to Arizona this weekend, I spent a lot of time researching best stays and found this gem located on the west side of Saguaro National Park in Tuscon Arizona.

If you have any questions on these locations, please feel free to leave me a comment here.

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