7 Online Airbnb Experiences to do with your family or friends

Find unique activities led by one-of-a-kind hosts and try new things without leaving home.

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With LA still on lockdown, I

With Los Angeles still on lockdown and more recent covid spikes, I’ve had to get really creative with ways to stay busy and have fun. If you’re looking for unique ways to connect with loved ones during these weird times, you HAVE to check out Airbnb’s section of online experiences. Find unique activities led by one-of-a-kind hosts and try new things without leaving home. In month nine of quarantine I feel that I’ve exhausted my zoom time, but after perusing the wide range of activities Airbnb offers, I was really excited to try some! I spent hours going through this section and below are the best activities I found for family or friends to kick off the New Year.

  1. Pasta with the GrandmasLearn authentic traditional Italian recipes from Grandmas and their granddaughters in Sabina, Italy.
  1. Making and Eating Soup Dumplings – Learn how to make famous Shanghainese xiǎolóngbāo soup dumplings from start to finish from your host in China.

3. . Guided Meditation with Sleepy Sleep – Embark on a virtual meditation with sheep in the barnyard where you practice breathing exercises and de-stress techniques to use in your daily life.

4. Sangria and Secrets with Drag Queens – Fabulous drag queens will teach you how to make sangria from scratch while serving up live performances and interacting with audience members. Seems like a fun activity with your friends!

5. Salsa Dancing – Learn the basics of Columbian salsa style and other Latin rhythms (Merengue, Bachata, Vallenato) in a one-hour private class.

6. French Baking Travel to Paris and learn everything about “La Pâte à Choux” which is the base for several French desserts.

7. How to make sushi with a Pro – Learn how to make a California roll and other decorative sushi rolls with an expert from Japan.

With the expansive list of online experiences Airbnb offers, I hope you all try something new and enjoyable in 2021!

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